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The Future of Home Building

Informed buyers in Omaha are starting to embrace green building practices and are no longer questioning why it's a good idea to build green, it’s a question of why not? Green building is going main-stream for all the right reasons.

As one of Omaha's only Certified Green builders, Brau Builders has truly embraced building Green Homes that are healthier and more comfortable environments for their occupants. Brau homes focus on state of the art design, and products to insure a toxic-free environment that consumes as little energy as possible and uses renewable sources of energy whenever possible. When building a green home we take great care to provide you with the safest home possible that eliminates known carcinogens, interior toxins and off-gassing of dangerous materials.

Building a “Green” home today can truly be affordable and at the same time extremely attractive. With the cost savings and improved quality of living you will get an instant return on your investment and one that will stand the test of time. The longer you stay in your home the more you save. Call today for a free “Green” design meeting with Bob Brau to see if building green is for you.