Why Build A Green Home

The following is a list of a few of the "green" features and building practices promoted by Omaha Green Builder:




Energy Efficiency


Environmentally friendly insulation composed of recycled materials.

Water Heater

Solar panels connected to the hot water system saves approximately 80% on utility costs.


All Energy Star Rated appliances

Air Sealing

Proper air sealing reduces air leakage and provides controlled ventilation



Indoor Air Quality


Use of low VOC or zero VOC painting products reduce health risks associated with many chemicals.


(ERV) Electronic Recovery Ventilators provide proper air changes which significantly reduce allergens, pollutants and moisture that can cause mold problems. Mechanical ventilation systems allow a constant flow of air from the outside and provide filtration, dehumidification and conditioning of the incoming air which results in improved comfort.



Conservring Natural Resources

Fiber Cement Siding

Cost efficient, environmentally friendly with fewer emissions released during manufacturing, longer life span which saves resources.

Brick and Natural Stone

Reclaimed pavers create a permeable surface for driveways. Natural Stone is perfect for walkways and patios.

Reclaimed Building Materials

Where feasible many used wood products (Doors, trim, moldings) can be purchased and used to again save valuable resources.


Bamboo Flooring has a distinct “Green Advantage” being the fastest growing plant on the planet.

There are many more energy saving and green ideas we would be happy to discuss with anyone considering building a new home. Call us today for a free design appointment.